How To Jump Higher

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

How to Jump Higher Reviews

Here are reviews of the top 3 vertical jump training programs available online today, in order of good, better, best - it depends on which one you feel is right for you.

Vertical Explosion Training Program Review

GOOD: *** 3/5

Description: Add 10 Inches To Your Vertical In 10 Weeks Guaranteed.

This is a comprehensive training program that assists you in increasing your natural jumping abilities. It is able to accomplish this in a holistic manner utilizing more than just leg strength building exercises. This also includes building and strengthening all of the major muscle groups. Progress is measured through a step by step daily training regimen.

The man behind this product, Kurt Howard created the program out of his own journey to improve his natural jumping ability. He had tried a lot of the existing programs out there but couldn’t quite seem to get the jump enhancements they promoted. Once he found something that worked he isolated the effective actions and started to piece them together. He has now made this information available to anyone who seeks to increase their jumping ability.

With this program, you will get instant access to the complete Vertical Explosion Training Program. This also includes three other bonuses. Firstly; Vertical Explosion Training Logs that will help you track your performance. These also help you to keep focused. Secondly; you get a Boost Your Metabolism guide, which will help you get rid of excess weight and adds inches to your vertical as well. Finally; you get access to lifetime updates if you purchase the Vertical Explosion Training Program at the introductory price.

The Vertical Explosion Training Program is straight forward and does not mess around with unnecessary features. It focuses on what you need to improve your vertical jump and your game and stays utterly focused on that. Everything it provides supplements the program. As Kurt expertly words it, It does not make you train harder, but it makes you train smarter; focusing on areas that will make you a better athlete.

When perusing the website of The Vertical Explosion Training Program it says that if you can touch the net then you can dunk. This can lead you to think that this program is exclusively for basketball players. Other vertical jump programs work for various sports and not just the obvious sport of basketball. Also it is unfortunately true that you can lose the chance to get free lifetime updates if you do not invest in The Vertical Explosion Training Program at its introductory price.

I truly believe that it is possible and quite easily attainable, that most people can greatly increase their natural jumping abilities. Because of the exercises included and the convenient way in which it is constructed in a simple step by step daily manner, I would recommend this program to anyone serious about jumping higher.

Price: $37 (limited time introductory discount)

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The Jump Manual Review

BETTER: **** 4/5

Description: Add At Least 10” To Your Vertical Guaranteed. Try It Risk Free For 60 Days!

When you first hear about the benefits of The Jump Manual, it is understandable that you would be at least a bit skeptical. The Jump Manual states that you can increase your vertical leap by 10 inches in just 12 weeks. Despite my own skepticism, I decided to review the product, as it was reviewed greatly.

I was amazed when I visited the site. The author of The Jump Manual, David, happens to have a very real outlook towards increasing your jump height. He’s realises that the process will not be easy, and that it will require hard work and discipline, and this is something he does not sugar coat. He states that to increase your vertical leap requires time and energy, if you were to use the wrong tools, you are going to exhaust both. Now to see if The Jump Manual is the perfect tool for the job!

The Jump Manual categorises Jump Height into 9 elements, with arguably the two most imperative being strength and quickness (which together equals explosive power). He exposes to us that most training programs train the wrong thing, endurance. Being able to do lots and lots of 10 inch jumps doesn’t train you to jump higher; it trains you to jump more, and whilst this a skill in itself, it is not the one I, or indeed you are looking for!

In this way, good jump training is counter intuitive; you have to be training at your peak intensity, even above game intensity in your “improvement zone”. I actually have to agree with his thought process and method here, too many fitness programs (not specifically jump training) focus on endurance when you really need to be developing explosive power.

Training with high weight at a fast movement speed creates high intensity which develops fast twitch muscle fiber and leads to explosive power. In other words, doing 8 squats with 85% of your 1rmax (1rmax=1 rep max, the most weight you can put up once) at a high speed (of course still being safe and keeping good form) is going to do much more for your explosive power than 200 8 inch jumps.

Something else that appealed to me about the Jump Manual was that it did not stop at just developing strength and quickness. As previously mentioned, David breaks the jumping into 9 elements, including form, balance, nutrition, muscle recruitment, etc. and goes into detail on each one. I like this thought process, building up the gains in each of those areas is going to add up and help you to increase your jump height quicker than solely focusing on strength training. He also stresses the importance of proper nutrition and how important it is, and goes into much detail about this.

To me there seems to be only one element he does sort of skim over, and this is sleep. In a comprehensive training program such as this one, where virtually everything else is given the proper time and detail, I feel like the importance of sleep is short changed as it were. Sleep is very important in achieving maximum results from workouts, when sleeping your body repairs your muscles and you develop muscle memory . Sleep is a very important aspect to anyone serious about any form of training, and thus I should reiterate the adage that everyone should be having eight hours sleep a night.

Overall this is a very good program, especially because of the emphasis on proper training technique and its detail, almost everything is covered! I also appreciated his straight to the point attitude and the fact he admits there is no magic way to improve vertical jump and that this kind of training as with all other training requires, hard work, discipline and focus. If you are someone serious in improving your vertical jump then I thoroughly recommend this product.

Price: $67 (with free one on one training for a month, and free access to the elite jumpers forum)

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The Vertical Project

BEST: ***** 5/5

Description: Mathematics Cannot Lie

Vertical jumping has always been a passion of mine. I have always been on the look out for a good training program and searched through every conceivable program. But, after a little progress, I faced an irritating plateau in my vertical jumping. Due to lack of money, I could not afford personalized and expensive training by world famous jumpers like other athletes with deeper wallets. The plateau I had reached was become a niggling obsession and I wanted to improve badly.

Then I heard about this gigantic gain that can be gained after using the first ever ultra effective online product called the vertical project. However no program seemed to work, so why should this one? However the plateau reminded me again that it existed. Finding no other option I started studying vertical jump reviews.

The study of the vertical jump reviews made me feel it was wise to invest in The Vertical Project. Every day is like a new discovery now with The Vertical Project, that plateau has been exceeded and I am meeting my personal targets and am setting new ones regularly.

Now it is time for you and others to benefit from this product as I have. And if you are still skeptical, I recommend that you start using the online product right now

A research milieu and an ingenious attempt to get a blend of science and mathematics assist this product in being an innovation in vertical jump training. This product is not merely for basketball players it is for anyone from any walk of life, anyone can reap the benefits of this fantastic product.

Through the guidance of this project anyone whatever their starting leap may be can improve their vertical leap. The vertical project during the end of 2008, helped at least 700 athletes, irrespective of background, from at least 150 countries around the world get a major boost and advancement in their overall sport performance. With The Vertical Project you can double your vertical leap now.

The vertical project has an effective three-point system with its secret technique which quickly brings an fantastic improvement to anyone’s performance level. Its special training on an isometric level, de-stressing exercises, special water training, training for strong range lift, UPN chart and an intense researched truth about the food really works, set it apart from its competitors. How nutrition is imperative to the manipulation of our hormones like pituitary and hypothalamus has been described in a simple and easy to follow way. It explains how the changing of one’s food habit can dramatically increase one’s neurological response and brain waves which in turn can lead to a remarkable lift in your bounce. Above all, by ordering the vertical project you will get to know how hidden unused muscles can be triggered to double jumping performances. This is simply phenomenal. The Vertical Project has convinced me, and now you can let it convince you because, it does work.

Price: $199 - The price is higher but it by far the most professional package and is aimed at the professional.

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Monday, 6 July 2009

Vertical Jump Training

Isiah jumps hhigher with vertical jump manual Vertical Jump training is all about jumping higher to dunk the bastket ball. Here is an article which goes into more depth.